About us

Vilnius Maternity Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient obstetrics and genecology, neonatology, intensive care services. Experienced doctors, nurses and professional midwives provide qualified assistance and care around the clock. 

There are up to 3,000 births each year in our hospital. We joined the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in 2000.

The Department of Genecology relies in its surgical treatment methods on modern principles of organs-preserving surgery. It is not only minimally invasive endoscopic techniques with minimum stress prior to surgery and smaller incisions, but also less postoperative pain and quicker recovery.

Contact us: 
Vilnius Maternity Hospital, Tyzenhauzų str. 18A, LT-02106 Vilnius, Lithuania 
Secretariat: tel./fax +370 5262 80 38; e-mail: [email protected]

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